Present180 Texting Attendance Solution

Present180 will send weekly text messages to parents, designed to engage and provide them with critical information about their student. Messages will rotate and include general information about the importance of school and attendance, student’s monthly attendance and tardies and tips on how to perform better in the classroom.

Weekly Text Messages

Messages will be sent in the name of the classroom teacher as research shows parents want to hear information about their child from the teacher, not the principal or superintendent. Three quarters of the messages will be about their child’s attendance, tardies and opportunities for improvement.

Professional Development

Present180 will provide three webinar style trainings about how to use the texting platform to send and receive messages as well as the best practices in school-home communications.

Measurable Results

Attendance Works, a national organization to support school attendance, offers a free attendance tool which Present180 uses to measure both before and after attendance to show you results.

Quick Set-Up

Present180 uses an Excel spreadsheet to load the parents, students names and cell phone numbers, which most districts can download from their Student Information Systems (SIS). Parents and student need to respond “Yes” to one validating text message. Then it is all set up!

Why we are The Best Option

Sending the same message out day after day would get boring really quickly. Sending out new, different information about your child specifically is really engaging. It allows the parent to have a conversation with their child about what is happening in school with accurate, current information. Doing that every habit every week, emphasizes to the student how important school is, engages parents and research says improves both academics and attendance.

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