Regular text message communications have shown significant
academic gains with at-risk students. Present180 Attendence Solution
offers text message campaigns designed to alert parents, students
and administrators about each student's monthly attendance, classroom
behavior and curriculum performance allowing early intervention to stop
tardiness, absences and keep students in school.

Improve Student Achievement

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Generate Additional Funding

More than 30 percent of public school students live in a state where the state
legislatures use Average Daily Attendance (ADA) as an important component
of the local school funding formula. Federal Impact Aid uses the district’s
Attendance Ratio in the calculation of Federal General and Special Purpose Aid.
Better attendance for almost all school districts would increase
the amount of money they receive.

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Increase School-Home Communications

Two-way text communications in a safe, secure method engages
parents and improves connections with the school efficiently.
Athena’s Workshop offers weekly text message campaigns
backed by university research designed to reduce absenteeism,
increase student achievement and expand parent involvement.

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Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

Weekly text messages home has been shown to significantly reduce
chronic absenteeism which is defined as missing 10 percent
of the school year, or 18 days in a 180 day school year. Present180
Attendance Solution sends a variety of messages to parents
about monthly absences, academic performance,
and classroom behavior to engage parents, increase achievement
and reduce absenteeism.

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