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Athena’s Workshop is affiliated with these excellent organizations.

Concentric Educational Solutions (CES) provides evidence- based solutions that assist schools in building their capacity for student support services, including school climate & culture, special education, mental health services and organizational leadership & development.  Being a multi-discipline organization with over 80 years of combined experience in education, we address a variety of challenges in areas that are outside of the traditional academic expertise of most school leaders.

The Fun with Chess Learning System  is an online chess training system developed by YDS. Fun with Chess uses proprietary avatar narrated videos that relate chess strategies to real life situations to assure maximum benefits. Online exercises use video game type scoring to keep the students interested. Other features make it easier for students with learning disabilities to learn Chess. Learning chess improves analytical, focus and decision-making skills and academic performance in all subject areas.

The collective work of the Alliance involves keeping Five Promises to children and youth that form the conditions they need to achieve adult success.

We promise to young Americans that they will grow up with the help and guidance of caring adult relationships, healthy childhoods, safe surroundings, effective education and opportunities to serve others.

When at least four of these promises are at work in young people’s lives, they are more likely to succeed academically, socially and civically.

The 5 Promises change lives.